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FAQ :: SX-70 Troubleshooting

How to clean the Polaroid SX-70

Cleaning your Polaroid SX-70 is essential for maintaining its proper function. If you're experiencing streaky images, incomplete chemical spreading, or your photos aren't ejecting properly, use these tips to help!

What to do if the SX-70 doesn't power up?

Occasionally SX-70's can become electronically unresponsive. This is typically because power isn't being delivered to the camera from the batteries (which are inside of each film pack). Here are some quick tips to help you jump-start your SX-70 if it becomes unresponsive.

What if SX-70 photos are coming out too dark or too light?

If your images are coming out overexposed or underexposed, the light meter on your SX-70 may need servicing. However, there are some simple rules to follow to help dial in your camera's default metering tendencies. 

What if my SX-70 isn't closing all the way?

One of the most common issues that SX-70 owners experience is the camera failing to fully close. This is typically because the mirror becomes stuck within the camera's exposure cycle. Follow these tips to reset it.

How to properly open and close the Polaroid SX-70

The SX-70's intricate folding design can take some getting used to at first! Opening and closing the camera properly is an essential skill for all SX-70 users to master.

Flash bar isn't working on the Polaroid SX-70

Whether using newly produced MiNT Flashbars or original Vintage Flashbars, sometimes the electronic contacts on the SX-70's flash port don't communicate with the flash unit.

 What causes SX-70 light leaks?

If stray light seems to be affecting your images, your camera's bellows may have light leaks. Here's a quick rundown on what the cause may be and how to handle it.

 Still having trouble? Email us! We are happy to help.