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855 Grand Street
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855 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

Tuesday to Sunday / 1:00 - 7:00
Monday / CLOSED

Restoration :: SLR 680


Comprehensive CLA
Leather Replacement
One Year Warranty

NOTE: Julien, our lead Polaroid camera technician, will be absent from December 14 - January 10. All cameras received before December 10 will be serviced before his departure. Cameras received after December 10 will be queued and will be serviced upon his return in the order they were received. Thanks!

Our Polaroid SLR 680 Restoration Service includes a diagnostic check of all mechanical parts, a comprehensive CLA (cleaning, lubrication, adjustment), application of a brand new leather covering (if requested), and a full 1-year mechanical warranty for your camera.


Please Note:

1) If your camera has critical structural or electronic damage (cracks, chips, bent metal, corrosion, etc) we may need to bill you for parts replacement costs. In certain circumstances, our technicians may reject the Repair Servicing if damage or corrosion has contributed to a camera that is beyond repair. In either situation, we will be in touch by email and let you know your options for moving forward.

2) If you do not want the original leather replaced, please select "Do Not Replace" under the Leather Option below. Please note, however, that in order to perform a comprehensive CLA, our technicians will need to open the body of your camera which requires removing the larger sheet of leather on the bottom surface. This is the only leather piece that will need to be removed and it is not possible to replace as the leather rips/warps during removal. All other leather pieces will be left in-tact and original.

This Repair Service is applicable to the following models: SLR 680. We do not service SLR 690 cameras at this time.

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