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855 Grand Street
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855 Grand Street
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Tuesday to Sunday / 1:00 - 7:00
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Polaroid SX-70 :: Sonar :: Gold Edition


1978, USA

► Fully Restored
► One Year Warranty

Designed by Edwin Land, the Polaroid SX-70 was the first instant SLR camera ever made and completely revolutionized the photographic landscape. We have been proudly restoring the entire Polaroid SX-70 line of cameras for over a decade now which has become the work for which we're best known. SX-70's remain the pinnacle way to shoot instant film, offering maximum control and unparalleled image sharpness due to their incredibly designed glass lens system.

The SX-70 Sonar was introduced in 1978, six years after the release of the SX-70 Original. It's key feature is the circular sonar dish which sits above the lens; this dish produces actual sonar waves which communicate the focal distance to the camera. Decades later, this system remains shockingly fast, accurate, and incredibly fun to use. The sonar auto-focus system can be disabled with the flick of a switch to allow for manual focus. This comes in handy especially when taking pictures through windows (the sonar ping will hit the glass and focus close-up!) or when making close-up portraits.

NOTE: This is the extremely limited edition 24-karat gold plated version. All component parts are original besides leather and decals. Exact production numbers of these cameras aren't known but it's estimated to be in the 1,000 - 3,000 unit range. Like all of our SX-70 cameras, these have been completely restored in-house and are guaranteed to be wonderfully functional for you for years to come. Product photos shown here are not of the exact unit that you'll be receiving. Please email us for images of the exact SX-70 Sonar Gold Edition Cameras we have in stock.

Our SX-70's have been completely restored in-house, are fitted with fresh new leather coverings, and come with a comprehensive 1-year warranty.

Lens: 116mm f/8, 4-element, glass
Shutter Speeds: 1/175 to 10-seconds (automatic)
Focal Distance: 10.4" to Infinity (automatic or manual)
Exposure Type: Automatic
Film Type: SX-70

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